Monday, 24 February 2014

D + S

Photo by Sadrina

So 3 of us went out the other day on a photo excursion.
I intended to get photos for my assignment and some photos of random stuff and also of Sar & I.
Anyway, I should explain that this photo was kind of spontaneous but re-enacted.
We didn't know how to pose so I just randomly said "let's dig our nose" and we did just that.
But after doing so I realised how dumb I look and laughed it off.
Sadrina asked us to do it again and she took this photo.

I guess this photo can represent our relationship in a lot of ways.
And my posture is as natural as it gets because I like laying my elbow on other people (because most of them are taller than me).
The letters and the heart just put such a personal touch (thank you Sadrina) to the photo.
Also my waist does not look big here so all is well (nothing else matters hahahaha).
And Sar will be glad all his work in the gym paid off (the biceps la the biceps la bulging la bulging ok).

Still have many photos to edit and STUPID things to draw.
I will update soon!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


So this song has been on my mind sporadically.

Someone shared it on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I listened to it and fell in love.

This song is beautiful and so is her voice.

What's even better? It's live.

So anyway after slowly forgetting it the first time, I came across it in my Youtube feed again.


It is a Christian song.

I don't listen to worship songs nowadays but this just got to me.

A lot of the worship songs I love have beautifully-written lyrics and very harmonious chords that gel very well and emit a sense of peace and adoration.

Just downloaded this and it'll probably be my go-to song for the next few weeks or so.

I've been struggling with anything religious for a while now but sometimes I still get teary whilst listening to some of them.

I guess a part of me still wants to take a leap of faith because the idea of belief has been so close to my heart for probably as long as I can remember.

But there are questions and doubts still.

I don't think I will find any answers in my lifetime but I hope I will find peace with all this one day.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Photos taken with my Sadrina's Fuji (yes, my Sadrina. I like taking responsibility and ownership lolwtf)

Photos from my trip to the Asian Civilisation Museum the other day for my Art History assignment.
Chinese New Year is here and I am really enjoying my days of gorging on glorious food and my lack of exercise.
It just has been such a good break from school, even though I have so many assignments (that I have completed now).
What's left is my 2D work (it's ridiculous) and conceptualising my film.
Really, the thing I dislike so much about film (well, I just dislike everything actually) is that so many thought processes have to come into play and throughout the execution as well.
As I get older, I realise my brain gets so tired from all this thinking and I kind of just run on my high adrenaline levels from all that anxiety that stems from all that thinking.
It's just a vicious cycle to say the least.

I just realised  the borders on my photos don't show here because the background is white as well.
Lol way to go.
Anyhow, I've just been very thankful and keen to learn lately.
I'm surprised I still even have the zealousness to learn and improve after all the crap I've been through in JC and from a lot of the teachers I've had.
But still, needing to be grateful for a few tutors I have now and my really awesome friends who have been the most helpful and talented bunch of people I've met in my life.