Thursday, 30 July 2015


These photos were just one day of Noosa and we were there for about four!
The rest of the time was spent chilling at the beach and cycling around (god the amount of cardio we did was insane).
The beach is amazing and we basically baked (burned) under the sun.
It's amazing.

I'm looking at the photos back here in Singapore and oh, how much I miss Australia.
It has been the best trip I've had by far, with so many memories to hold close to my heart (and hopefully new ones to come).
I have met amazing people (and an amazing man).
I've been toying with the idea of moving to Australia for about 2 years now (nobody knew).
But hopefully it comes true one day.

Another amazing thing is that I realise it's amusing taking photos of the back of people's heads.
Next up: photos from Brisbane!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Home sweet home

I just landed in Singapore 3 hours ago and this feels so surreal.
Just this morning, I woke up from an adventurous night and had breakfast made for me.
Then spent the rest of the morning packing and lazing around until I was almost late for my flight home.

Secretly wish I actually missed my flight though.
I truly left my heart in Australia.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Old B&Ws

The last of the black and white photos from last month!
Posting these because I'm behind on the photos from Australia!
Got to Brisbane yesterday and it is a beautiful place.
Very different from the rest though.
We're pretty much just chilling and trying to ration our cash (damn we spend too much).

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Skypoint Observation Deck, Goldcoast

Excuse all the weird reflections in the photos, they were taken behind a glass panel.
It was an amazing place though, with an amazing view.
We spent our last full day in Goldcoast there and had coffee and cheesecake at the cafe.
You can see almost everything on top (it is 77 storeys high) and I could also see the Hilton (hehe).
We almost caught the sunset but decided to leave early since it was getting so crowded and the deck was full of tourists.

We're now in Noosa and everything is so different.
No crazy activities, just some biking and hiking.
My butt really hurts from sitting on the bike.
And hiking definitely gave me my much needed cardio because fuck cardio, right?
Soooooooo there's really nothing much to do here, but the trail we took this morning was beautiful and I'll try to upload the photos soon.

Can't wait to go to Brisbane since there'll definitely be more things to do, and someone mentioned that there are clubs!

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I just downloaded snapchat as well but I find it really annoying.