Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Intimacy ll

Again, this photo is from the Intimacy series for lighting class.
Clearing more photos.
Been so busy and SO EXHAUSTED recently, it's not funny anymore.
I literally have no time for anything except school work, school work and school work.
Tonight I carried 2 light stands, a hugeass filming tripod, my camera, 2 roto lights, and my bag home.
My shoulders were crying but my brain was saying YAS I GOT THIS SHIT.

So anyway, I doubt you want to read my rants because all I want to do is RANT.
And complain about life and how depressed I am.
But deep down inside, I'm very happy to be doing what I love and continue to work my craft.
I feel so so so blessed.
It is just frustrating a lot of the time because you may not reap what you sow.
All that hard work goes down the drain sometimes but that's all part of learning.
I can only count on the little things to keep me going.

In other news, my love life is fucked because I am emotionally constipated.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Photos from lighting class with virtually no editing.
That's what amazes me about artificial lighting.
You don't need to edit shit to make it look good.
I'm just bummed that whenever I upload photographs, the quality is compromised.
Nothing beats looking at photos on the screen of the Macbook Retina.
It's like my eyes are so attuned to the sharpness and quality that I cannot look at any other screen the same way again.

School is driving me crazy.
No amount of alcohol will make it better.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Backlog halfway there

A few shots I took of Lina after she and Elson were done modelling for me a few weeks ago.
Time flies omg!!!
Going to edit Elson's portraits soon (I hope).
Am swarmed with too many things to think about/plan/complete.
This has been the most trying semester yet, and the most eventful second half of 2015.

Am badly missing my best friends (who are all overseas) and people who used to be in my life.
I think I get too sentimental sometimes.
The feels. The feels.
I wish I could turn off my emotions.
It stirs too much shit.

stir shit stir shit stir shit stir
shit ass shit ass shit ass shit

I went to the beach last Sunday to clear my head but I'm missing it already.
Sometimes things just fuck up, I know.
I am all for letting nature take its course.
But it seems like too many things have been fucking up this year.
Too many.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Recess week my ass

The past week was recess week and I was still packed and had lots of work to complete.
Fucking recess week my ass.
Can't wait for the semester to end because I feel like I'm burning out already and we are only halfway through.

I'd much rather be typing long posts and posting photos up (I have a huge backlog don't worry), but I have work to do.
Currently I'm watching an old movie but it is ridiculously boring, pointless and long.

Then, I need to do a presentation on this fucking movie.
2) read 'Fledgling'
3) start shooting my short film
4) shoot for my book
5) shoot for lighting class
6) Modern Art presentation
7) Shoot shoot shoot
8) die from exhaustion

This might be a long shot but I'm looking for people to photograph in their personal space (home, room etc) doing very personal things (showering, taking a dump etc).
If anyone is interested, I really need people!
I have absolutely zero budget for this but I promise a good meal and awesome photos.