Monday, 20 February 2017

First of 2017

Today, I learnt to parallel park in less than an hour and I also learnt that monsters do exist in real life.

Someone I considered a peer did the most immature thing ever. She stared down at me after noticing that I had smiled to greet her when I saw her walking towards me.
I don't know how low a person can go but this is definitely the lowest I have experienced myself.
I feel like this seems like such a petty thing to blog about and so stupid as a first post of 2017 (late as hell) but I feel like I need to remember this. 
I think I was pretty bewildered but I remember just freezing my smile because I was amused and also SO CONFUSED.
Like why the fuck would someone stare you down??? That has got to be the most immature and petty expression of displeasure to someone (yours truly) who was just being polite.

But actually I'm just happy I can parallel park well HAHAHHAHAHA

2017 has not been smooth!
I guess it will be a year of deeper and clearer realisations. And a year of appreciating the people who deserve it the most.

This evening, an old friend asked: "So are you going to _____'s wedding?"
Me: "I wasn't invited lol"
S: "HUH really what happen"
Me: "she drowned our friendship"

I guess this is another thing worth remembering. And this has been on my mind for a while.
Friendships fall apart and people become distanced.
But what I have failed to understand the past few years is how you could distance yourself from me and our friendship when what I needed most at that time was friendship itself.

I would text you occasionally to ask you what you've been up to and these texts would go unanswered.
I looked up to you and I respected you, as a person and a professional.
But I guess my friendship wasn't beneficial to you and you decided to burn the bridges instead.
The first friend I made the first day I came to university.
Ironic that I wouldn't be graduating with you as a friend.

Still grateful for the people that have proven my judgemental self wrong (hahahahaah) and the people who are sticking like glue (SIMIN I LOVE YOU MY FOREVER LOVE)!